IFLA ASIA-PAC LA Awards 2021

Oriental progressive spatial aesthetics of Haiqu Mansion Residential Landscape Project
Residential Built Projects: Excellence Award

     The International Federation of International Landscape Architects announced the list of 2021 design awards in a video on October 18, the design project of WEME won the Excellence Award of Built Projects (Residential). IFLA(International Federation of Landscape Architects) was officially established in Cambridge, England, in September 1948. Headquarter was in Versailles, France. The current Chairman is Professor James Hayter. IFLA awards annual awards every year. Rewards are divided into Outstanding Awards (OA), Excellence Awards (EA). This year, WEME won the Excellence Awards (EA).
     Through the interpretation of traditional garden art, the design adopts the traditional Chinese ‘three rows of buildings on one axis’ courtyard layout. The overall level embodies the five levels of natural landscape culture, regional solar culture, spatial layout, landscape elements, and plant planting. The designer translates the culture, connotation and function between tradition and modernity, realizes the interpretation of the ideal home of the local people, and creates a pleasant, comfortable, and healthy living community. In order to create a localized Chinese-style landscape, the new Chinese garden will separate and deconstruct the gardening elements, colors, and traditional culture of the classical garden based on the insightful interpretation of it. It will include Chinese characters, traditional mascots, Chinese characteristic patterns, and the traditional symbols such as etc. are translated using modern techniques and designed into a Chinese-style landscape that has the characteristics of classical gardens and is full of the local sun worship context. Through the interpretation of local solar culture and traditional courtyard culture, the project combines the landscape with traditional elements to create a landscape full of traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people. It not only inherits the traditional culture, but also promotes the regional culture, can be well integrated into modern life, and realize the ideal lifestyle belonging to the local community.