About WEME

     Shanghai Weimei Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a professional company specializing in landscape planning and design and related projects. The company has Grade A qualifications for landscape planning and design and architectural design qualifications. Weimei Shanghai provides its customers with the whole process of design and construction services for urban public open space, urban renewal, residential landscape, cultural tourism, and other landscape projects. Based on the Yangtze River Delta, the company helped the  development of the central region  that radiated across the country. It has completed thousands of influential and prestigious garden landscapes, planning and ecological restoration projects throughout the country, and many of these projects have won mainstream international and domestic landscape awards.
     Shanghai Aesthetic Landscape has successively invested in the establishment of Wuhan Aesthetic Ecological Institute, Shanghai Qimei Smart Landscape Company, and established branches such as Hainan Branch and Zhangjiagang Division. In recent years, Aesthetics has focused on specializing in new features and is a landscape company working with modern, high end, leading technology. Aesthetic landscape people  respect the Earth and spiritual homes, and fulfill the promise of providing equal and inclusive beautiful outdoor living spaces; they promote the implementation of the concept of carbon neutrality and sponge city in the project, the practice of climate action and disaster adaptation behaviors, thereby pursuing corporate ecological responsibility and promoting the environment sustainable development. Aesthetic Landscape is willing to provide you with high-quality and thoughtful design and engineering services throughout the entire process. There is a way: each has its own beauty, the innate beauty; the beauty of the landscape, the beauty of the same!
     Shanghai Headquarters Address: 17F, Building A, Honghui International Plaza, 1600 Zhongshan West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.
     Wuhan Weimei Ecological Landscape Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 as a state-owned joint venture company  established with Wuhan Forestry Group. Wuhan Aesthetic Ecological Landscape has Grade B qualification for landscape engineering design and Grade C qualification for forestry survey planning and design. The company has undertaken and completed a series of influential projects in Central China, including public green spaces, waterfront landscapes, parks, ecological restoration, school landscapes, road landscapes, large-scale residential communities, beautiful villages, and industry norms, etc. Fields, including "Wuhan City Fourth Ring Road Ecological Belt Master Plan", "Vulcan Mountain Hospital Access Channel Greening Restoration", "Guishan Comprehensive Renovation-Ecological Restoration and Landscape Enhancement", "Wuhan Military Games Important Guarantee Routes and Node Flower Scenery" "Construction Technical Guidelines", "East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Public Service Center Landscape Design" and other key projects.
     Wuhan Aesthetic Ecological Institute Address: 13th Floor, Building 1, Wuhan Design Plaza, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

Shanghai Weimei Landscape Hainan Branch
     Shanghai Weimei Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Hainan Branch was established in May 2017, Hainan company address: SOHO Office Building 1102-1104, Xiyingmen A District, Yehai Avenue, Haikou City, Hainan Province

Shanghai Weimei Landscape Zhangjiagang Division
     Shanghai Weimei Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Division was established in January 2018. Since its establishment, Weimei Zhangjiagang Division has been adhering to professional skills to serve the actual needs of the site as the basic starting point, insisting on the breakthrough of site spirit and site service, and has since repeatedly completed several projects successfully. The strong work ethic seen in each project design task has established a good reputation and image in the industry for the company.
     Aesthetic Zhangjiagang Business Department team members are mainly post-80s and post-90s  professionals. They are full of vigor and vitality. The  current six designers. belong to the elite cultivation operation mode. Each employee will be trained in the whole process of project systematic design. The systematic design process has laid a good foundation for participating in the construction of larger projects in the future. The design case of Zhangjiagang Project Department takes different landscape environments - school, municipal waterfront  and residential community alongside the beautiful rural construction planning as the focus. Relying on the support of the talent system of the Shanghai headquarters, the design work of the Zhangjiagang Business Department team of Wonderfulness is more than landscaping. The planning function system thinking, the project is more focused on breaking through the original landscape thinking, and the macro system judgment on the system can better design a reasonable and implementable landscape plan for the owner and the user.
     In the future, Weimei Zhangjiagang Business Unit will continue to carry forward its traditional advantages.  On the background of the new era, it will improve its own system and strengthen its investment in professional fields such as sponge city, steel structure sketches, renewable material utilization and rural revitalization planning, and  develop a more splendid chapter.
     Address of Zhangjiagang Project Department: Room 505, Century Business Hall, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province